What are our Solutions?

At Greysquare we offer complete Asterisk installation service including installation of prerequisites, necessary packages and all packages such as zaptel, libpri, Asterisk.Asterisk addons and Asterisk sounds. We can install Asterisk on most of the more popular Linux systems such as RedHat, Centos or Ubuntu. 

For those who don’t want to use their own hardware, we offer recommend hosted services as well such as hosted IP PBX, hosted Call center, Virtual Servers, Cloud etc.

We can install, manage upgrade your server on-site, remotely with all prerequisites and necessary packages. You just need to give us your server details in order to get access and relax.  A complete peace of mind service for customers.

Asterisk is an open source telephony server that works with a Linux operating system and our custom server-grade hardware. Through the use of open source software and standards based hardware, the cost to purchase and operate a business telephone system is dramatically reduced and flexibility is greatly enhanced.

Elastix is an appliance software that integrates the most effective tools available for Asterisk-based PBXs into user friendly interface. In addition, it adds its own set of utilities to make it the best software package available for open source telephony. 

High-Quality IP Phones Integration

Greysquare provide a broad product range of high-quality IP telephones and video conferencing products that interoperate with Asterisk PBX or Elastix servers. Also we can work integrating another IP phones from any brand such as Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream, among others.

Existing Analog Phones?

Do you still using your old phones? Don’t worry. In order to use your existing analog or cordless telephones you will need an analog phone adapter or card which supports up to from 1 to 24 analog telephone lines and one internet port for each device you connect to the system. We sell both the analog phone card and phone adapters different types and models.

PBX Features

  • Call recording 
  • Conference center with virtual rooms

  • Voicemail

  • SIP and IAX support, among others

  • Voicemail-to-Email functionality

  • Flexible and configurable IVR

  • Connections to (E1/T1/J1) through PRI/BRI/R2 protocols

  • Caller ID

  • Multiple trunk support

  • Support for video-phones

  • Support for follow-me

  • Support for ring groups

  • DHCP server

  • Paging and Intercom

  • Call parking

  • Call detail record (CDR) report

  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

  • Billing and consumption report

  • Callback support

  • Support for call queues

  • Voip Provider configuration